Aims & Objectives

Our Motto

*** School of Sanskaar ***

Our Mission

The School’s mission is to provide home like congenial environment that encourages students to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning...

Holistic Development

A holistic approach to teaching and learning is important for the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and social well-being of children. For this, several activities are conducted in order to develop them all roundly. We constantly ensure that holistic approaches to teaching and learning are achieved in multiple ways. In the classroom, students are taught through activities, role play etc. Out - of – classroom, activities are such as field trips, excursion, music, football, basketball and yoga many more...

SR Kids - Tiny tots programme - classes from P.G. to U.K.G.

A well – balanced curriculum & theme based instruction inculcates the qualities of curiosity, exploration, creativity in a safe & happy learning environment. An individualized approach helps in nuture a love for learning, develop social skills & instill moral values. The emphasis is on developing self confidence in students by encouraging them to express themselves freely.
The principles of learning applied in K.G. include Holistic development Learning Integrated learning, active learning, supportive learning, interactive learning and learning through play. This programme makes use of a range of individual and group activities which create a lively and positive learning environment. It also include games, songs, creative project, story telling, drawing and painting which help in developing kids foundation skills in literacy and numeracy.
The use of manipulatives, pictures and symbols helps them identify relationship between sets and groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented. Sports help in strengthening co-ordination and motor skills,' Picnics enhance students understanding of their surrounding' Celebration of festivals sensitizes them to multiple traditions and cultures.

Primary school programme - classes from I to V

The Primary school Programme encourages inquiry and exploration, and develops children‘s competence in various skills-reading, writing, listening ,speaking, problem solving, observation , measurement and use of information and communications technology .
Exposure to team and individual sports encourage a sense of team sprit, and individual effort and accomplishment.
The wide range of curricular and co- curricular, opportunities, offered helps instill in children confidence and discipline. The focus on developing communication skills helps them in appreciating the value of education,.
Field trips ,excursions ,activities , projects and presentations provide experiential learning opportunities. Dance, Fine Arts, Western And Indian Music, Yoga ,Speech and Drama promote all round development .Active learning techniques like free play , dramatization, puppetry ,singing, dancing enhance their interest in learning.

Middle school programme - classes from VI to VIII

The middle School Programme is structured to meet children’s varied intellectual and developmental needs. It ensures progression and continuity across various stages of learning in the school and incorporates continuous evaluation and review of children’s performance
The main aims of the Programme are developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking among students and a desire to acquire knowledge.
Computer studies, Music, Yoga and Dance are integrated into the mainstream curriculum and are further strengthened as optional co-curricular activities. Field Trips and excursions aid in developing social skills and in raising awareness about the world. Inter-house cultural and sports competitions encourage healthy competition and team spirit.